Top five gaming laptops of 2017

Laptops are available in many sizes, shapes, colors and varieties. They are picked depending on the purpose and the features that are available. The labels on the laptops enlighten to the layperson the actual use of the laptop. Popular brands manufacture different products for different end users. For example, IdeaPads are meant for individual consumers whereas ThinkPads are sold to businesses by Lenovo.

Amongst the different uses, the most popular ones are the gaming laptops. The features that are installed in the different models make the difference. The CPU, GPU, screen, storage, audio, and keypad have to be top-notch to make it a good gaming laptop. The battery life if the most important of them all.

The Top five gaming laptops of 2017 are:

Origin EON15-X

This is a desktop grade Central Processing Unit that has been graded as an unbeatable gaming laptop. With fantastic features, unmatched speed and a good battery life to keep up, this is one gaming laptop that cannot be missed. The CPU is empowered to handle extra activities such as editing video and various processor intensive actions which cannot be performed with a mobile chip. The extra high performance is achieved with the Origin EON15-X.

Asus RoG G752VM

This is one of the top five gaming laptops for a reason. It is really good. The screen is very impressive and the keyboard and the trackpad are great. The quiet fan keeps the temperature of the gaming laptop under control.

Alienware 17

Rated with four and a half stars, this gadget has received the compliment of being the best gaming laptop that money can buy by many. The hardcore gaming crowd love this piece. It has fantastic heat management skills, HQ display, and smart ways to turn itself into a gaming rig. It is fairly large and heavy. It has plenty of power and is used mostly as a desktop PC than a portable laptop.

MSI GL62-6QC 065UK

Looks can truly be deceptive. This laptop might not look out of the ordinary but it deserves a place in the top five because it can truly surprise a gamer. It represents a solid gaming machine and the price does not look damaging. The SteelSeries keyboard is another plus point that grabs attention.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559

This durable gaming laptop is strong and powerful enough to be your desktop replacement as well. Gamers love the powerful and discrete graphics that enhance the experience. It represents a good value for its money. It is sturdy in nature

The MSI GS60 Ghost Pro almost makes it to the top five list. While it is expensive and does not have the best battery life, it has proven to be one of the best performing gaming laptops.

If you are a gaming fan and are trying to figure out which is the best gaming laptop to buy, the above list should be useful. If you still have troubles finding the perfect gaming laptop, this top list of gaming laptops for less than 1000 bucks will definitely help you. It does not matter which game you enjoy – Fallout 4 or League of Legends. You need a machine that is portable in nature and can handle sufficient power. Pick your dream machine and go game.