The Most Awaited Headsets For 2017

We are in a world where nobody wants to waste his or her time just by sitting idle. Everyone likes to engage themselves with something or the other. Games are of great help for such people. When somebody feels as if they get bored, they turn on their androids or PC or their video games. As soon as they switch on their video game, they get into their own virtual world.

Gaming and headsets

As more people get attracted to these games, many companies have come forward with lots of gaming gear such as a mouse, headset, gaming chairs, gaming glasses, board games etc. One of the commonly used accessories is the gaming headset. The player has to wear it on their head when they play the game. It is not to save the player’s head while they are playing but to control the game they are playing. Many headsets are being introduced with a lot of features in it. Below are the details about some of the headsets.

Gaming Headsets For 2017

The growth in technology has increased the competition between companies to manufacture a variety of gaming headsets. Here is a list of some of the headsets that are most awaited for the year 2017 not in any particular order.

  • Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum
  • V-Moda Crossfade wireless
  • Turtle Beach Elite Pro
  • Tritton Katana HD
  • Razer manO’ Wargaming headset

Features of few headsets that are awaited

Logitech G933

  • It can be connected to any device
  • It has got a shiny look which makes it attractive.
  • The ear cups are made of soft padded foam material which makes it comfortable even for wearing it long.
  • The ear cups come with volume control, mic, power, and other programmable buttons.
  • The headset can be charged with micro USB connection cable.
  • The sound performance of this headset is remarkably good. One could hear even the minute sounds in the game.

Special feature: The programmable buttons present in the headset makes it special; one can skip tracks in music or even attend calls with it. Apart from the connectivity feature, the design and mic quality is very special.

Razer mano’ war Gaming headset

  • These are wireless headsets and the wireless range is 40 feet.
  • It is enough if one connects the transmitter with the USB port to start the connection between the headset and the device.
  • It cannot be used with mobiles
  • This headset looks so stylish and is portable.
  • The ear cups can cover even big ears

Special Feature: The wireless feature which can extend up to 40 feet range and the excellent virtual surround sound performance of listening to every detail in the game make it special.

Triton Katana HD

  • It is a wireless headset
  • Compatible with all gaming platform.
  • Ear cups and head pads are made up of soft memory foam that makes it comfortable for longer use.
  • Headband is stretchable
  • It has a detachable microphone
  • The headset has got three special buttons to change from the gaming mode to music mode.

Special Feature: The stereo sound with HDMI feature makes it special. The elegant and the stylish look is an added specialty.
These are details of only a few headsets not in any particular order. Purchase the best headset that suits you and enjoy playing the game.