What to do if your laptop monitor is too small?

Laptops are devices that enable a person to use and access his files and documents from anywhere in the world. They are designed to be portable and this feature of them enables their easy transportation from one place to the other. The olden day`s devices were a little bigger in size and they looked like big fat boxes which were later modified to look small. They took different phases and shapes and the latest we have is the thinnest ever with enhanced features and latest technology. Such is the development and advancement in technology.

The research and development team is constantly under work and pressure and they are trying to cope up and pace up with the continuously changing needs and expectations of users. It is this rush and runs that has given birth to many of the gadgets and new inventions in the present day world. Now, nothing is impossible and people are easily connected with one another even if they are miles apart. This is the magic technology has worked in the human lives.

One such amazing invention or boon to the human race is the laptop. With just that small screen and limited keys, you can bring the world under your fingers in a jiffy. But there are some limitations in these devices too. These laptops vary in sizes and we also have the palm laptops. These might not entice everybody for the screens and the keypads are very small and it is only for those who expect an even better and easier handling of these devices.

Need a bigger monitor

  • First and foremost you can comfort and not strain your eyes when the monitor and its display are bigger.
  • It might be smaller than what you expected it to be
  • You might want to work with several windows at the same time which might be a little troublesome with a smaller monitor.

Fight the small screen with a bigger display

Fortunately for all your needs, there is a simple solution that can help you have a better view of your files. Just go to the settings panel of your device and increase the resolution size which will help you have a bigger display even on a smaller monitor. Another way of doing this is by hitting the properties of your device and then increasing the resolution size. You might be a little uncomfortable with this change initially but will become handy with one or more encounters.Another way to increase the screen resolution on your notebook is by using this method.

Small need not be small always

With this, the difficulty of working with the small laptop is no more a difficulty. Let your device be of any size, do not worry; just go for the resolution increase and you will see everything bigger and better even when the monitor is smaller. So with this, you can be chic, economical yet proficient in your jobs. Size should never be a matter of concern when comes to work. When a laptop can help you with so many features and advantages, it will never let you down in anyway just with size as the concern. So learn the tricks and ways of using your laptop efficiently and you are sure to enjoy working with it.