How Can A Basic Laptop Be Converted Into A Gaming Laptop In 5 Steps.

When you buy a regular laptop, it is fitted with a basic graphic card that cannot handle the kind of graphics or the gaming experience you require. A dedicated gaming graphic card can only accomplish this.

Another important aspect is the video memory. A larger and better video memory will contribute to a better gaming experience and hence this is necessary if you are looking for a dedicated gaming laptop.

Finally, the processor strength is one thing that cannot be undermined especially if you are looking for an ultimate gaming experience. In this case, ideally, it should be a Dual, or Quad Core Fast processors. Additionally, the RAM in your laptop is going to be the deciding factor to get a higher grade of performance and so here the higher, the better.

A basic laptop can be converted into a gaming laptop by adding parts to make them compatible with the different kinds of games. The requirements for a gaming laptop are different as compared to a regular laptop, which is equipped for basic functioning and applications. The various aspects you should consider before conversion is as follows:

Design Look and Feel: In most gaming laptops, you will find that the design itself is much stronger. For instance, the keys are sturdier and the look itself is more stylish in gaming laptops. This is so it can withstand substantial force. In regular laptops, you will always notice an attempt to keep the laptops thinner and maybe less glossy. In order to better your experience, it is important to change the way your laptop looks and feels. In addition, considering that the keys will be used a lot, it should b e customized to withstand force.

Cooling systems: Typically, gaming laptops are equipped with heavy-duty processors, which enable the games to function uninterruptedly. They also have graphics, which use up power and heat up the processor. On the other hand, regular laptops have low-speed processors consuming less power. The base of the laptops differs in size due to the cooling systems, making the gaming laptops bulkier in size. You may need to enhance the capacity of your processor while checking for cooling systems present.

Handy: The above discussion leads us to this very point. The USP of most regular laptops is its portability. However, due to the bulky frame of gaming laptops, it is uncomfortable to carry around easily. You should evaluate whether the existing laptop will allow you the same portability if you change the specs. Because changing the specs may increase the weight considerably.

Pricing: If you are on a budget, then consider adding features depending on the same. Many features can be added gradually without affecting the gaming capacity of a laptop. For instance, you can postpone cosmetic changes like keyboards or a fancier mouse for later when the budget is available.

SRR: A screen refresh rate usually measured in Hz is the time that a laptop takes to display a number of frames. Obviously, a gaming laptop will require higher frames per second due to the very nature of the games or graphics. This will definitely enhance your gaming experience as much depends on how quick your laptop reacts to requests by you.

Quite a few players in the market can customize the laptop for you. However, it might make sense to do due diligence and explore buying the parts separately and installing only those that suit your requirements.

Top five gaming laptops of 2017

Laptops are available in many sizes, shapes, colors and varieties. They are picked depending on the purpose and the features that are available. The labels on the laptops enlighten to the layperson the actual use of the laptop. Popular brands manufacture different products for different end users. For example, IdeaPads are meant for individual consumers whereas ThinkPads are sold to businesses by Lenovo.

Amongst the different uses, the most popular ones are the gaming laptops. The features that are installed in the different models make the difference. The CPU, GPU, screen, storage, audio, and keypad have to be top-notch to make it a good gaming laptop. The battery life if the most important of them all.

The Top five gaming laptops of 2017 are:

Origin EON15-X

This is a desktop grade Central Processing Unit that has been graded as an unbeatable gaming laptop. With fantastic features, unmatched speed and a good battery life to keep up, this is one gaming laptop that cannot be missed. The CPU is empowered to handle extra activities such as editing video and various processor intensive actions which cannot be performed with a mobile chip. The extra high performance is achieved with the Origin EON15-X.

Asus RoG G752VM

This is one of the top five gaming laptops for a reason. It is really good. The screen is very impressive and the keyboard and the trackpad are great. The quiet fan keeps the temperature of the gaming laptop under control.

Alienware 17

Rated with four and a half stars, this gadget has received the compliment of being the best gaming laptop that money can buy by many. The hardcore gaming crowd love this piece. It has fantastic heat management skills, HQ display, and smart ways to turn itself into a gaming rig. It is fairly large and heavy. It has plenty of power and is used mostly as a desktop PC than a portable laptop.

MSI GL62-6QC 065UK

Looks can truly be deceptive. This laptop might not look out of the ordinary but it deserves a place in the top five because it can truly surprise a gamer. It represents a solid gaming machine and the price does not look damaging. The SteelSeries keyboard is another plus point that grabs attention.

Dell Inspiron 15 7559

This durable gaming laptop is strong and powerful enough to be your desktop replacement as well. Gamers love the powerful and discrete graphics that enhance the experience. It represents a good value for its money. It is sturdy in nature

The MSI GS60 Ghost Pro almost makes it to the top five list. While it is expensive and does not have the best battery life, it has proven to be one of the best performing gaming laptops.

If you are a gaming fan and are trying to figure out which is the best gaming laptop to buy, the above list should be useful. If you still have troubles finding the perfect gaming laptop, this top list of gaming laptops for less than 1000 bucks will definitely help you. It does not matter which game you enjoy – Fallout 4 or League of Legends. You need a machine that is portable in nature and can handle sufficient power. Pick your dream machine and go game.

The Most Awaited Headsets For 2017

We are in a world where nobody wants to waste his or her time just by sitting idle. Everyone likes to engage themselves with something or the other. Games are of great help for such people. When somebody feels as if they get bored, they turn on their androids or PC or their video games. As soon as they switch on their video game, they get into their own virtual world.

Gaming and headsets

As more people get attracted to these games, many companies have come forward with lots of gaming gear such as a mouse, headset, gaming chairs, gaming glasses, board games etc. One of the commonly used accessories is the gaming headset. The player has to wear it on their head when they play the game. It is not to save the player’s head while they are playing but to control the game they are playing. Many headsets are being introduced with a lot of features in it. Below are the details about some of the headsets.

Gaming Headsets For 2017

The growth in technology has increased the competition between companies to manufacture a variety of gaming headsets. Here is a list of some of the headsets that are most awaited for the year 2017 not in any particular order.

  • Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum
  • V-Moda Crossfade wireless
  • Turtle Beach Elite Pro
  • Tritton Katana HD
  • Razer manO’ Wargaming headset

Features of few headsets that are awaited

Logitech G933

  • It can be connected to any device
  • It has got a shiny look which makes it attractive.
  • The ear cups are made of soft padded foam material which makes it comfortable even for wearing it long.
  • The ear cups come with volume control, mic, power, and other programmable buttons.
  • The headset can be charged with micro USB connection cable.
  • The sound performance of this headset is remarkably good. One could hear even the minute sounds in the game.

Special feature: The programmable buttons present in the headset makes it special; one can skip tracks in music or even attend calls with it. Apart from the connectivity feature, the design and mic quality is very special.

Razer mano’ war Gaming headset

  • These are wireless headsets and the wireless range is 40 feet.
  • It is enough if one connects the transmitter with the USB port to start the connection between the headset and the device.
  • It cannot be used with mobiles
  • This headset looks so stylish and is portable.
  • The ear cups can cover even big ears

Special Feature: The wireless feature which can extend up to 40 feet range and the excellent virtual surround sound performance of listening to every detail in the game make it special.

Triton Katana HD

  • It is a wireless headset
  • Compatible with all gaming platform.
  • Ear cups and head pads are made up of soft memory foam that makes it comfortable for longer use.
  • Headband is stretchable
  • It has a detachable microphone
  • The headset has got three special buttons to change from the gaming mode to music mode.

Special Feature: The stereo sound with HDMI feature makes it special. The elegant and the stylish look is an added specialty.
These are details of only a few headsets not in any particular order. Purchase the best headset that suits you and enjoy playing the game.

What to do if your laptop monitor is too small?

Laptops are devices that enable a person to use and access his files and documents from anywhere in the world. They are designed to be portable and this feature of them enables their easy transportation from one place to the other. The olden day`s devices were a little bigger in size and they looked like big fat boxes which were later modified to look small. They took different phases and shapes and the latest we have is the thinnest ever with enhanced features and latest technology. Such is the development and advancement in technology.

The research and development team is constantly under work and pressure and they are trying to cope up and pace up with the continuously changing needs and expectations of users. It is this rush and runs that has given birth to many of the gadgets and new inventions in the present day world. Now, nothing is impossible and people are easily connected with one another even if they are miles apart. This is the magic technology has worked in the human lives.

One such amazing invention or boon to the human race is the laptop. With just that small screen and limited keys, you can bring the world under your fingers in a jiffy. But there are some limitations in these devices too. These laptops vary in sizes and we also have the palm laptops. These might not entice everybody for the screens and the keypads are very small and it is only for those who expect an even better and easier handling of these devices.

Need a bigger monitor

  • First and foremost you can comfort and not strain your eyes when the monitor and its display are bigger.
  • It might be smaller than what you expected it to be
  • You might want to work with several windows at the same time which might be a little troublesome with a smaller monitor.

Fight the small screen with a bigger display

Fortunately for all your needs, there is a simple solution that can help you have a better view of your files. Just go to the settings panel of your device and increase the resolution size which will help you have a bigger display even on a smaller monitor. Another way of doing this is by hitting the properties of your device and then increasing the resolution size. You might be a little uncomfortable with this change initially but will become handy with one or more encounters.Another way to increase the screen resolution on your notebook is by using this method.

Small need not be small always

With this, the difficulty of working with the small laptop is no more a difficulty. Let your device be of any size, do not worry; just go for the resolution increase and you will see everything bigger and better even when the monitor is smaller. So with this, you can be chic, economical yet proficient in your jobs. Size should never be a matter of concern when comes to work. When a laptop can help you with so many features and advantages, it will never let you down in anyway just with size as the concern. So learn the tricks and ways of using your laptop efficiently and you are sure to enjoy working with it.

Different types of mouse used in gaming

We have already covered keyboards, let’s talk about the gaming mouse. A mouse is an external device that is attached to the system and the main purpose of this accessory is convenience. This device is just like the real life mouse that keeps running around the house fast and in search of food and hence the name mouse to this device. This mouse is a very simple and easy to use device and is detachable too. It can be detached and attached to any device.

What with a mouse?

Mouse, as said above, is a very simple gadget that can be attached to your PC or a laptop and it helps in the easy operating of the system. All it requires is a flat open surface and that`s it, the system is all yours and with this, you will not be required to touch the keyboard at all apart from the typing part. It easily replaces all the functional keys in a keyboard. This device can be connected to the system either via a cable plugged behind the system or through a wireless network. Both of them offer to function similarly.

These devices come with either a single button or a number of such buttons and each one is different from the other in the way they function and operate. They move via the trackball or use the optical light to obey the orders of the user. It is through this medium that they stay in contact with the system.

Merits of using a mouse

  • Using a mouse enables the user to move in any direction freely without depending on the arrow keys on the keyboard. It is just with a right or left move of the mouse, the cursor moves freely.
  • There is a wide variety available in this device and the user can choose to select the best one to suit his system and needs.

Demerits of using a mouse

There are as such no demerits with a computer mouse but if something has to be specifically mentioned then it can only be the space that they demand their operations. Yes, a mouse requires a decent amount of space near or in front of your systems for their free movement. If there are any limitations in this, they might not function according to your orders and cause troubles.

Pick the perfect piece for you

With a market loaded with options, the user might get a little perplexed with what and how to choose an external mouse for his device. It is very simple. Almost all the mice come with two buttons and this is, in fact, the most simple and easy ones to use. Little care and caution are to be exercised while making a purchase. Just make sure they fit your hands properly which otherwise might cause pain between the fingers and the claws. Also, make sure that they are not very complicated with too many buttons. It is ultimately about how you feel using the device. A right one is definite to soothe your hands and help you in serving the purpose better.

Different type of keyboards used in gaming

A successful game depends on the smooth fluidity and the quick movement of the player. The grip and the reach to all the keys are vital to a gamer. The keyboard plays a crucial role in your gaming munitions store. The perfect keyboard is all you need to ensure that you are on top of your game.

A gaming keyboard is a small auxiliary input device for the game. It is connected to the gaming interface and controls the movements of the images and objects on the display. The number of keys on this gaming gear is limited compared to a regular device. The most commonly used keys are W, A, S, and D. There are extra functionalities such as volume, escape key and F1 to F12.

There are different types of keyboards that are available in the market. The shape and the features vary depending on the needs and requirement of the gamer.

Top benefits of a gaming keyboard

  • This gaming keypad is smaller in size when compared to a regular keyboard.
  • The ergonomic design enables longer hours of play without injury to hand and wrist.
  • There are more keys available to the player.
  • The extra features and buttons increase the utility of this gaming device. They include keys for volume, macro buttons, USB ports and quick keys.
  • The programmable keys simplify complex actions.

Different types of keyboards used in gaming

The different types are inspired by the genres of the PC games. Games such as first person shooter, third person action adventure, etc. influence and affect the style and the development of the keyboards.

  • Cherry Keyboard – One of the first mechanical keyboards available in the market, this gaming gear has taken the public by storm.
  • Membrane Keyboard – In this keyboard, the keys are not separate moving parts. They are basically pressuring pads that consist of outlines and symbols that are printed on a flexible flat surface.
  • Corded keyboard – They are connected to the gaming interface with wires.
  • Wireless keyboard – These keyboards are ideal for the gamer who does not want to be constrained to be close to the gaming interface.
  • Keyboard with trackball and touchpad – It combines the functions of a mouse with the device. It is comfortable and compact.
  • A keyboard with joystick attachments – Also known as JoyKey, this keyboard is an excellent combination that puts the gamer in a win-win situation. The JoyKey is a simple solution to insert a functional joystick onto the keyboard.
  • JoytoKey – They are 3d Ergonomic designed gaming keyboards with rational structures that make the gamepad a joy to hold and comfortable to play with.
  • Keyboard with card reader – These keyboards come with smart card readers. The multi-talented device enables transfer of data with ease.

Gaming keyboards are engineered to compete with the best and come out as winners. They are designed to bring out the best in the gamer. Gaming keyboards are more popular than ever. Watch your game soar to new heights with the best gaming gear in the market.

Accessories For PC Gamers

Is it just enough to have a PC or a laptop for your gaming purposes? Yes, of course, but you can make your gaming session more interesting and comfortable with some external gadgets. Games and gaming are a booming business and the manufacturers and game developers have understood the hardcore needs and expectations of the gamers. With this in mind, they have come up with some of the amazing devices apart from the regular mouse, joysticks, and gamepads and all these are just to enhance the experience of the player with the games and to boost up his performance in the game.

Accessorize Your System And Make It Look Hard And Tough

As many of us might think, it is not a necessity to have the extra fittings for playing a game on your PC or laptop. All these additions are just to enhance the player`s experience and make him have the real feel of the game when he is on. The basic PC is a model that has been designed to accommodate and easily link to some of the important and attractive external devices which are capable of making the games even more challenging and they take the player into the real world of gaming. The future is expected to have more of these kinds. The players need to prepare themselves for this and set their minds to face the future that will be covered with these electronics with advanced features and benefits. Now let`s take a look at some of the important additions your system might require to give you a great and pleasant gaming experience.

Logitech Flight System

How would it be if you are at home but still flying in the air? Confused? The Logitech Flight system will help you with the real flying experience even without being in a real airplane; such are the features and sound effects created by this system. All the buttons and triggers are such that you have the real feel of being in a flight`s cockpit and flying a plane all by yourself. One main reason for this virtual reality show is that since your ears are plugged and covered completely with the headphones, another great innovation, you will be away from the regular worldly noises and hence will be completely transformed into the world of the game via the soundtracks and other background effects.

Logitech G2 Racing Wheel

Similar to the above, this racing wheel is going to help you with the real feel and experience of operating a racing car just from your comfortable couches. To make the experience more thrilling and throttling, this piece comes with some additions like the speed shifters and steel pedal all of which would help and take the person to a real racing field. The car you are driving in the virtual reality mode can be turned 900*; something which is possible only in the real world. But doing such stunts and actions on screen boosts up a person`s confidence and it’s a food for his technologically improving and yearning desires.